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Carpentry Associates is a collective of artisans and craftsmen committed to providing fine interior woodwork for home and office. We take a specialized and hands-on approach to ensure that each piece we craft is of the highest quality and best value. Dedicated to client satisfaction from project conception to completion, we believe the finished product isn’t simply a reflection of the people building it, but who it’s built for.


Our work begins with an idea. It may stem from a photo of a similar project, a fully rendered drawing from a design professional, a sketch on a napkin or perhaps just a vision in the client’s mind.

Selection of appropriate materials comes next, as this can have a wide effect on the final appearance and cost. We walk the client through their options, showing samples to help the visualization and decision-making process.

From there, we provide a rough design sketch and initial budget. When approved, shop drawings that clearly show the item to be produced are created along with the final pricing. The construction process doesn’t begin until this is settled to the complete satisfaction of the client.

For major architectural woodwork projects, we work with the plans provided to assess the full scope of requirements. Working with design and construction professionals, we clarify the project requirements and determine pricing specifications.

We take a specialized and hands-on approach to ensure the highest quality and best value for each element needed. We carefully manage the matching of materials and finishes, the sequencing of processes and the timely delivery needed for a successful project.

Architectural Woodwork

For the past 20 years, the company’s principal founder has been the key management figure on a number of major architectural woodworking projects delivered around the nation. These projects have included major corporate headquarters, law firms, courthouses, premium hotels, restaurants and private residences.


Our work is performed in our 6,000 s.f., 2 building studio space. The buildings are divided into 4 primary areas: the office, the machine room where the heavy lifting gets done, the bench room where assembly, joinery and final fitting occur and the finishing area where a new fully enclosed paint booth was recently installed. Most of the machine work is accomplished on our Felder combination machine center which gives us a 9′ sliding panel saw, a 12″ planer/joiner and a multiple spindle tilting shaper with power feed all in one compact and moveable package. Other equipment includes a SCMI 10′ panel saw with scoring, Extrema 52″ wide belt sander, Holzer edge bander, Felder 32 spindle construction borer and numerous other bandsaws, planers, joiners, drill presses, hinge boring machines, vacuum presses and cutting equipment too numerous to list, as well as a full compliment of Festool portable equipment. And yes we do get mighty hot in the summer.

Peter Sandoval, Principle and Founder

Spending the past 30 years honing his skills in every aspect of the trade, Peter Sandoval has developed a strong business ethic focusing on client satisfaction in every detail of a project.

Carpentry Associates looks forward to the opportunity to bring these efforts to you.

“My greatest rewards occur when I walk into a space and know that my efforts have created the look, ambience and feeling of comfort and warmth in an environment. That pleasure is immeasurably heightened by the knowing smile from the client.”


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